IRIS unites only successful pharmacy chains, which play a significant role in at least one market of their presence.


The potential partner must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Margin and profitable business
  2. Without overdue account receivables
  3. Significant share in the region of presence
  4. Comply with all regulations of interaction within the partnership
  5. Compete ethically


  1. All IRIS partners have an equal right to control the business and share
  2. • Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of best practices between participants.
  3. The partnership is strategic. This means that the parties are ready to not only combine purchases and bring together the business practices, but also think about the options for business processes integration.
  4. Flexible procurement system: depending on the specific conditions of a particular supplier, the partner’s procurement process can be either integrated or independent.
  5. The main principle for integrated procurement is profit maximization.
  6. A centralized retail marketing strategy guarantees partners a high level of executive discipline in fulfilling marketing commitments.


  • A lot of work has been done at IRIS to automate business processes related to assortment planning and analysis.
  • Joint efforts of partners allows businesses to accelerate the implementation and increase the effectiveness of new information technologies.

If your pharmacy chain meets our criteria, welcome to IRIS!


Dilyara Akbulatova

Deputy CEO

Mobile: +7 903 190 67 78


  • 115162, Russia, Moscow, Shuhova street, 14/2
    Business Center Shuhova Plaza, offices 704-706