Since 2017, IRIS pharmacy chains have been selling private-label brands: Consumed, Dr. Nutrishin, Wellfix, Up & Go and others.

The Company offers more than 400 private label SKUs, including vitamins, dietary supplements, medical devices, diet and healthy lifestyle products, hygiene, personal care and cosmetic products.

The composition and dosage are similar to well-known and popular brands, but improved due to additional vitamin complexes and other useful components.

Private-label products are produced at factories in Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Great Britain, Malaysia, China and Belgium. All producers have been carefully selected by professionals in the pharmaceutical market in order to ensure consistently high quality, wide assortment and competitive prices for our customers.

Private-label products are exclusive goods that you can only purchase at IRIS pharmacies.

Learn more about the Consumed brand at consu-med.ru


Dilyara Akbulatova

Deputy CEO

Mobile: +7 903 190 67 78

Email: d.akbulatova@irispharma.ru


Svetlana Mazur

Head of Private label department

Mobile: +7 925 863 76 54

Email: s.mazur@irispharma.ru


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